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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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Jane-Finch On The Move

Terms of Reference

Mission Statement:

Jane-Finch On The Move is a grassroots group that promotes community solidarity and harmony, and strives towards removing systemic barriers that many members in our community face through the participation of all members of our community. We value positive change with a demand for peace, social justice and economic security for all.


Group actions are governed by respect for members, and flexibility to meet the needs and requirements of members.  All rules, requirements, objectives, and definitions can be modified in decisions made by majority vote.

Section 1: Membership

Membership is open to anyone with an attachment to the Jane-Finch community. “Attachment” can be defined as being a resident, past resident, employed in the area, studying in the area, and any other definition accepted by group members.  To be considered “resident”, one must live in the area bounded by Steeles Avenue West (north),  Keele Street (east), Sheppard Avenue West (south), and Highway 400 (west).

There is a minimum age limit of fifteen years, and no maximum.

Membership process: a potential member must attend three meetings consecutively, unless there is good cause.  A potential member can be nominated by any group member at a general meeting prior to the potential member being allowed to attend meetings.  See “Section 3: Meetings”.  Potential members are not entitled to collect honorariums or TTC tokens. See “Section 3: Meetings”.  After three meetings, members will vote on awarding membership, with a simple majority being needed to pass the motion.  

All Members must sign the JFOTM Membership Agreement Form. Signing the Membership Agreement Form is confirmation that the member understands all material contained within this "Terms of Reference" document, and is willing to abide by all the principals as set out in the Mission Statement as well as the adopted City of Toronto Declaration of a Non-Discrimination Policy.

Revocation of Membership: Memberships can be revoked by a majority vote.  Grounds for immediate dismissal include physical harm to another member,  blatant discrimination or hatred, bullying members, and libel or slander.  An ex-member may ask to be reinstated, and members will vote to allow the member to state their case at a meeting.  A majority vote is required for reinstatement.

Contact Information: Members’ contact information is confidential between them and the Chair and Vice-Chair, who are the only two members authorized to contact the membership.  Only the Chair can contact members via email, and all email addresses will be hidden.   

Section 2: Membership Responsibilities

Members are expected to participate to the best of their abilities.  Attending group meetings is a basic way to participate. Given that circumstances may not allow a member to attend meetings, they must find a way to remain in contact with the group.  At a minimum, they must keep in contact with the Chair.  This can be done by replying to email messages.  As well, members can participate in group activities outside of meetings that better fit their circumstances.  

Conflict of Interest: members have to declare any conflict of interest, real or perceived.

Disputes: If there is an issue with another member, the member should contact the Chair before taking any other action.  If the issue is with the Chair, the member should contact the Vice-Chair.

Section 3: Meetings

In order to make decisions, a General Meeting must have quorum of fifty percent members plus one.  Members will vote, with a majority needed to pass.

Only members are allowed to attend meetings, with the exception being potential members and members’ children.  All guests, including members of other organizations, must be cleared by members at a prior meeting.  In the case of an emergency, the Chair will contact as many members as possible.  

Meetings are governed by Robert’s Rules Of Order


Honorariums: Members who attend general meetings are entitled to receive an honorarium and TTC tokens.  The amount is subject to the group’s approval.  See “Section 5: Financials

The Chair has the right to end a meeting

Section 4: Group Positions

At this time, there are only two positions.  If other official positions are required, members can create them as required through a majority vote at a General Meeting. The new positions will be added to an updated Terms as soon as possible.  


These positions are chosen in an election with written ballots.  The process will be overseen by two members.  Elections will be held every two years.


Responsibilities of the Chair:

Removal of Chair: if members are not pleased with the Chair’s performance, any member can raise a motion to remove the Chair.  This motion will be voted upon at a meeting attended by at least ninety percent of membership.  The Chair can not be present in the room during the vote, which requires a simple majority.  


Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair:

Section 5: Financials

The Chair is the only member authorized to spend money on the group’s behalf.  However, all spending decisions must be voted upon at a General Meeting.  The group can give a blanket approval; for example, giving the Chair discretion to buy supplies and refreshments as required, but Chair must keep all receipts.  

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