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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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JFOTM Highlights

The Beginning

Community residents and representatives from various organizations have their first meeting at Oakdale Community Centre. They agree to meet on a regular basis.  (May 30th 2007) Nearly two months later, the group adopted the name "Jane-Finch On The Move" (July 17th 2007)

Community Interaction

Our group has held three forums.  Go here to learn more.

Hosted a free BBQ at the Jane-Finch Block Party. First time members sported the JANE FINCH ON THE MOVE T-shirts. This was the group's first public activity. (August 25th 2007)

The “Save Our Schools” campaign is embraced by every local group (including JFOTM), as the community rallies to make their concerns very clear.  In March 2010, the ARC process comes to an end, and the Jane-Finch community is one of the very few communities that is able to keep all its schools open.  (December 2009 -March 2010)

JFOTM supported Worker's Action Centre demonstration towards holding Temp Agencies accountable. (May 2008)

JFOTM supports the 2009 Peace Fair, with members participating in various activities. We also had a table. (June 13 2009)

JFOTM supported the Community Rally, hosted by Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty on the International Day For the Elimination of Poverty, on the corner of Jane-Finch, advocating for: no more poverty, decent wages for all, affordable post secondary education, universal childcare, dental plan and prescription plans for all, affordable and decent housing for all, racism and sexism are not acceptable.  (October 17th, 2008)

JFOTM members get involved with the Firgrove Community Garden, in its second year of operation.  (Summer 2010)

JFOTM hosts a Unity Celebration at Driftwood Community Centre. The event draws over 50 people, including community residents and members of grassroots community organizations.  (July 23 2010)


JFOTM members present to a class at Seneca College regarding the media's portrayal of Jane-Finch. (March 24th, 2008)

JFOTM Chair spoke to a class in the Family and Community and Social Services Program (University of Guelph-Humber) about community groups in relation to the course outline. (April 2nd, 2012)

Group Interaction and Milestones

Working with outside support, members put together a Terms of Reference document which was ratified May 9th 2008.  Over time, members decided to work on their own and craft a Terms of reference document that reflected the needs and realities of a true grassroots group.  This was ratified on August 10, 2012.  It is posted here.

JFOTM celebrated it's 1 year anniversary. Held at JFCFC.  (June 21st 2008)


JFOTM celebrated it's 5th year anniversary with a BBQ held at JFCFC.  (September 8th 2012)

JFOTM showed their support for the “Save Our Schools” campaign by producing a video which was first posted to Youtube on February 7, 2010.   Other videos include a report on 15 Tobermory, and a look at the Firgrove Community Garden.

Moving Forward

Since 2013, JFOTM members have been working on ways to develop the concept of “Voices Matter.”  In 2015, we published our first book, titled “Voices Matter: Jane-Finch Residents Speak Out.” The book is available online through in digital and hard copy formats.  Preliminary work on our second book started in late 2015.  Our web site is updated regularly with contributions from members, including a photographic look at the various murals in our community.

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