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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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There is a lot of concrete in Jane-Finch.  For example, there are 17 high rises along Jane Street from Steeles Avenue West going south to Sheppard Avenue West, including the three buildings on San Romanoway.

At the same time, there is a fair bit of green space, too.

This section is dedicated to showing off the green of the Jane-Finch community.  If you have photographs you’d like to share, we’d like to see them, and post them.  Contact us via the “Keep In Touch” form on the left side of this page.



I don’t think this photograph (above) really conveys the size of this majestic tree.  Keep in mind that it’s standing next to a two storey building. Located in Yorkwoods Village just north of Grandravine Drive, this tree must provide a lot of shade in the summer.  I wonder what happens in autumn - who rakes up all the leaves?  

The photograph below was taken by me at York Woods Library. This is Finch Avenue West looking towards Jane Street.  Those buildings are San Romanoway, and stand in the northeast corner of the Jane-Finch intersection.  I don’t know how many times I’ve driven along this stretch of Finch over the many years I’ve lived here, but this was the first time I noticed the canopy of trees.  I took this photograph in the summer of 2014.  

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There is a playground behind the Driftwood Community Centre (4401 Jane Street).  The playground faces Driftwood Avenue, and is located right across from Brookview Middle School, but for some reason one is not able to see the school.  Maybe it’s because of the wonderful wall of green?

Text and photographs by Angelo Furlan