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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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Jane-Firgrove Guide:

1. Firgrove Crescent (southern entrance)

2. Firgrove Learning Centre (the blue square is a swimming pool)

3. Jane Finch Community Ministry

4. Basketball court

5. Firgrove Public School

6. Yorkwoods Plaza

7. Turf Grassway

8. Reed Grassway

9. Cane Grassway

10. Marsh Grassway

11. Blue Grassway

12. Sea Grassway

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The Grassways are located just south of the Jane-Finch intersection and the west side of Jane Street (and is directly across from the Yorkwoods Plaza).

This area is so named because it is divided into various Grassways.  The development is officially named Firgrove Crescent by Toronto Community Housing and encompasses the following addresses: 7, 11 Blue Grassway; 4,17 Cane Grassway; 1, 2, 8 Dune Grassway; 3, 36 Marsh Grassway; and 5, 10,40 Turf Grassway

Many of the locals call this area “Connections” because the buildings are joined together.  There are 382 households in the Grassways.

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