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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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The date: Saturday June 27, 2009

The place: Room 208, Seneca Yorkgate, 1 Yorkgate Blvd. (Second floor of the Yorkgate Mall)

The purpose: The idea behind this forum was to focus more on developing plans that could be put into action.  To that end, we sought a more intimate setting and a smaller audience to facilitate discussion.

Main goals chosen:

    1) Snow removal: (the goal is to start planning soon and have action in the fall)… developing a plan before the snow is important so we have a plan in place instead of being reactive

    2) Meeting spaces in the community: Need to create more places for people congregate/hang out… this is necessary to allow people to connect and engage

    3) Voter engagement and political accountability: both getting the promises that politicians made out there so people know about them and engaging people in the voting process.

Follow-up minor goals:

Where do we go from here?  Actions that can be taken…

#1: Snow Removal in the community

#2: Spaces to congregate

#3: Voter engagement and political organization/accountability

The presenters:

In keeping with the “intimate” nature of this forum, JFOTM members (Alicia, Angelo, Lydia, and Mohammed) did the presentations, which included a history of JFOTM, a political primer, and even a skit!  

The bulk of the afternoon was given over to a discussion which was facilitated by Alicia and two members of CLASP (Jenny and George).   A wide range of topics were mentioned by audience members. A selection process was facilitated to narrow down and choose specific issues to address first:

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