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(“Voices Matter: Jane-Finch Residents Speak Out” is a book by a grassroots group called Jane-Finch On The Move. The book was edited by Angelo Furlan, the JFOTM Chair. If you have any questions that are not answered here, send them to us via

Why did you write a book?

There are a few reasons.

Once JFOTM members decided that the main purpose of the group would be to tell stories, a book seemed like a natural next step. It is a lasting document that the group can take pride in copy sent to Library and Archives Canada.

From a financial standpoint, JFOTM has been funded in the past by various government programs. We hope that sales of this book will support the group in the future. We think it’s important that our group can be financially independent.

Finally, in order for this book to be a success, we’ll have to become good at marketing. We hope to develop marketing skills and create a platform from which we can promote our future projects and projects by others in our community. How does that old saying go, “a rising tide raises all ships?”

Why did you select Print On Demand?

Money. Offset printing is the traditional method. This involves making plates of your product. Once the plates are ready, the product is printed at one time. The more copies printed, the lower the cost per unit. By “more”, we mean thousands. This is great if you have a lot of orders, or just have a lot of faith in your selling abilities. And you will have a relatively large bill to pay upfront.

Print On Demand uses digital technology. You can print as few as one copy at a time. So you only need to print as many copies as you have orders, and your product is available to be printed for as long as you want. However, there are no real discounts for printing quantity – of someone asks for ten or forty copies, your book per item remains the same. The real advantage here is that your upfront costs will be very low.

Unless you have guaranteed sales, I believe POD is the way to go with a printed product. If it turns out there is a big demand, you can always go to offset and take advantage of volume discounts.

Why did you choose Createspace, a company located in the U.S.?

There are a lot of POD companies across Canada and the U.S. We chose Createspace for a few reasons.

There is no set up fee. You only pay for the copies you need. The cost per book is low – my research showed it to be the lowest of any POD company. Createspace is affiliated with, which means your book gets listed on the world’s biggest book seller. There is a lot of helpful and free advice to help you throughout the process, including a free Cover Creator.

So far, the service has been very quick. Orders get filled and shipped out within a few days. The quality has been consistently good, and the one time there was a problem with a book’s print copy, Createspace was very quick to make things right.

How can I buy a copy?

Glad you asked!

You can order it directly from Createspace for $15 (U.S.) plus shipping.

The book is also available from Amazon (U.S.),  Amazon (UK), and all Amazons based in Europe.

Kindle versions of the book are available at all Amazons, including

Why isn’t the paperback available on

This is the way Createspace operates. From what I’ve found online, it seems that Createspace doesn’t have a POD partner in Canada. This means books would have to be shipped from the U.S., and the added costs would have to be added to the price.

Why did you call your publishing imprint “JFOTM Books”?

Because “Jane-Finch On The Move Books” wouldn’t fit on the book’s spine.

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