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Hello.  I’m Angelo Furlan, and I’m the Chair of Jane-Finch On The Move (JFOTM).

I’ve lived in the Jane-Finch area since I was three years old. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of changes.  With a subway soon to be running through the area, I expect there will be even more changes to come.

A lot of people have heard of “Jane-Finch.”  A lot of what they’ve heard has not been positive.

When JFOTM was formed in 2007, one of the key goals was to provide balance to the stories being told about our community.  Over time, we decided that the best way to do this was to sit down and tell our stories ourselves.

And so, we have self-published “Voices Matter: Jane-Finch Residents Speak Out.”  The purpose of this blog is to build upon what we started with the book. In this blog, I hope to share new information on various issues that were mentioned in “Voices Matter.”

Another one of our goals is to inspire others to follow our lead and produce their own works.  To that end, I’ll also use this blog to share what we’ve learned and continue to learn about self-publishing.

Oh, and maybe I’ll try to sell a copies of the book.  A man’s got to eat, right?

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