The Voluntary Sector

We put together our book, “Voices Matters”, for a number of reasons. One reason was to bring up issues and concerns related to our community. Now that our book is published and available for sale (not too subtle a plug, is it?), we’re looking for answers and information.

The role of government and providing services was mentioned on pages 154 to 156 (yes, another shameless plug). Michelle Dagnino, the Executive Director of the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre has written a great article on this topic. I’ll post the link at the end of this post.

In the interests of transparency, I am a member of the Centre’s Board of Directors. I have heard Ms. Dagnino make many of these points at various times. She pulls them all together in this article, which saves me the trouble of collecting and transcribing the scribbles I’ve made listening to her.

The article opens by explaining the importance of the voluntary sector, and how this sector is being hard hit by government cutbacks.

Once she outlines the problems and challenges facing the sector, Ms. Dagnino offers three suggestions to improve the situation. And they are great suggestions. They are so great that I will not summarize them here, but instead urge you to read the article.

Before I present the link, let me toss in my two cents. I agree with every suggestion made. The only suggestion I would add is that in order to bring any of this to fruition, we need to get people engaged and putting pressure on all levels of government. I think a key function of the voluntary sector is to pull people into their communities, and give them a greater sense of purpose. They need to know the issues, and how to make their voices matter.

And with that last shameless plug out of the way, here’s the link:

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