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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
Our first book!  Click on it to learn more. Our Book

Introduction: About this book. (This chapter is posted online!)

First Impressions: People talk about their initial experiences with the Jane-Finch area

My Story - One (Female): “I keep a lot inside.”

Intolerance: How does it feel to be singled out because of your skin colour, religious beliefs, accent, or hair style?

My Story - Two (Male): “It’s only when you get involved yourself that you see things that are real.”

Youth and Violence: Two of the biggest concerns in the community – why are they so often linked together?

My Story - Three (Female): “I’m actually surprised that I didn’t turn out worse than I could have.”

Education: A collection of thoughts and experiences with the school system  

My Story - Four (Male): “The biggest regret of my life is ever giving him a chance.”

Housing: Various insights into life as lived in public housing.

My Story - Five (Female): “I hate not having control over my own life.”

Police: “We would love to work with you guys, but we can’t trust you.”

My Story - Six (Female): “You never know where life is going to take you.”

Relationships: Love makes the world go round.  Doesn’t it?

My Story - Seven (Male): “I enjoy being the way I am.”

Politics: Pondering people, politicians, and protest

My Story - Eight (Female): “The system has made our marriage a long distance relationship.”

Money, Motivation, Media, and More: Members sound off on topics that didn’t fit under other headings

Appendix: Defining Jane-Finch; Developing Jane-Finch; The Three Levels of Government; The Terms of Reference for Jane-Finch On The Move  


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