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This mural is located on the wall of the Jane Finch Community Ministry, directly across from the Firgrove Learning Centre. Unlike other area murals, this painting was printed on aluminium panels which were fastened to the wall by screws.  The image above is a JPEG from the original artwork.

This mural was installed in 2014 in memory of twelve youths who were victims of violence over the past fifteen years.

The number of victims becomes even more tragic because they all lived in the “Connections” neighbourhood (to learn more about “Grassways - Connection,” click here).

The mural was originally a tribute to two fifteen year old boys who lost their lives to gun violence in the same year, Tahj and St. Aubyn.  Their families and friends decided early on in the process to include the other youths.  The number “15” was chosen to honour Tahj and St. Aubyn. The slogan on the banner, “Towards A Higher Journey”, was chosen as an acronym for Tahj.

Area youth were at the table with Eklipz, the artist who drew the mural. They asked for the doves, one for every victim.

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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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The youth also suggested the basketball theme.  Once the mural was installed, someone noticed that it lined up directly with the basketball court.  It looks like Number 15 is ready to dunk.  The red arrow shows where the net is located.  

Each dove carries a banner which is inscribed with the name of one of the youths.

Words and photographs by Angelo Furlan