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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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Behind my smile

Behind my smile I've walked 10 thousand miles

Not letting anyone see i'm as frightened as a child

Behind my smile hold so much pain losing my best tears i refrain

Behind my smile i often wonder what does my future hold

In all my decisions as my life constantly unfolds

Behind my smile i hold anxiety and fear

Of letting others know my secret held dear

Behind my smile i always help others leaving myself till the end

I say its the bond with all of my true friends

Behind my smile i hold so much anger

Of letting my self down...Oh i wish i was stronger

Behind my smile i humbly hold knowledge

Thanks to all who believed in me i was able to  finish college

Behind my smile i am a mother so proud

My kids are great...Amen ill shout it out loud

Behind my smile oh haven't you heard

They call it depression which one would think is absurd.

So when you look at someone's smile and think all is going so well walk 10 thousand steps in their shoes

At that time you too might have a secret to tell

Anonymous 2015

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