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Home About Us 1000 Words Voices Matter Resources
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Mural Fast Facts:

Artists: Shalak and Fiya (Gilda and Elisa Monreal)

Dimensions: 30ft x 12 ft

Medium: Spray paint

Location: 25 San Romanoway, facing Jane Street.

Launch Date: August 18, 2011

25 San Romanoway  “Be Inspired, Love Yourself, Educate Others”

(Note: the above image is a composite of three close up photographs. The mural faces a parking lot which has been full anytime I’ve shown up. See photograph, right. rightmural.

If any one has a better photograph of this mural and is willing to let us post it, please contact us via this link.

This is the second mural produced by the BeLovEd Movement (the first one is located at 10 San Romanoway).  Building upon what they learned from that first effort, BeLovEd held a community consultation on July 19, 2011.  There was a presentation based around powerful women of colour.  This consultation targeted the community’s young women, with the goal of making more of a political statement with this mural.  The consultations provided concepts and ideas that helped the artists develop the design.

Some students did the base painting and applied primer, and the artists did most of the work.

The mural tells a story, moving from the left to the right.

Funding provided by the City of Toronto’s 2011 Graffiti Transformation Partnership Program, with support from Greenwin Property Management Inc., The San Romanoway Revitalization Association, and Black Creek Community Health Centre.

At the far left, there is a striking image of an oppressed woman.  The overall tone is cold.  

The hands on her right side represent the community lifting her up as she undertakes her journey.

The theme of hands reaching out is evident in the bar going across the top of the centre section.  There is a large male face (blue) to represent how men can take on a positive role in the process.

At the far right, the woman is now in a warm place, having become empowered.  She looks back at the path she has followed.  To her immediate left is a baby held in wrinkled hands - this represents the role of generations (young and old), new life, and a new legacy.