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Mural Fast Facts:

Artist: Jessica Volpe

Dimensions: Unknown

Medium: Acrylic paint

Location: 10 San Romanoway, facing Finch Avenue West (directly across from the Jane-Finch Mall).

Launch Date: December 10, 2009

(Special note: at the time this entry was written, the grounds surrounding this mural were fenced in for a revitalization project.)

“Strong women, Strong Community” was meant to be part of a campaign to eliminate gender-based violence.  This campaign was organized by the BeLovEd Movement, a group started in 2009 as a community based response to concerns about sexual assault and sexual harassment in local high schools.

The mural was mostly designed by the artist, Jessica Volpe, an area resident.  It was painted on plywood panels which were supposed to be installed on the side of the building at 10 San Romanoway.

For reasons beyond the scope of this article, the panels ended up placed in storage, and a revised version was painted directly on the wall. (The centre section of the mural is pictured below.)

Organizations involved to help make the mural a reality included The Network of Community Based Organizations, City of Toronto, Black Creek Community Health Centre, Delta Family Resource Centre, and the San Romanoway Revitalization Association.